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Who Ermes is ...

Ermes is an association that deals with travel promotions, creation and  diffusion.
Travel is meant as a discovery, educational and development instrument/tool: a way to explore new ideas, to be confronted with other cultures and to have/live new experiences.
Travelling is a natural man requirement/need, an evolution for individuals and therefore for the collectivity.
This is another reason why is important to   promot  and support travels, and it must be  fruibile/serviceable to all.

The Association
The main aim of this Association is  at  selecting and  publishing travel projects, experiences and routes of responsible tourism in order to make more valuable places and cultures, arts and history, nature, enviroment and to know social issues.
Ermes supports a fair tourist activity, not homologate but new, searching for the cultural origins and emotions.
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Responsible Tourism

Why we chose to be an association
Ermes is born in 1998 from a network of individuals who are strongly interested in adventure traves and ecotourism, coming from professional sectors such as the technological development and communication.
Ermes had its first successes thanks to the World Wide Web, to a winning image and paying a meticulous attention devoted to the contents.
In 2001/2002 catches up one million pages read per year, strengthening therefore the technical-operating structure and the editorial office.
In 2004 Ermes became a Cultural Association with the focus on how travelling can change out everyday life, being a sole experience, an unrepeatable chance  to explore places, people and cultures.

Travelling makes us feeling good and allows us to know, to grow up.
We believe that travelling can make the world a better place, helping  cultural and social exchange amongst people, opening our minds too.
Nowadays the outcome is a Net of Associations, Agencies,  Foundations and Companies working in the art, sport, enviromental, educational and cultural fields  that cooperate in creating travelling opportunities and cultural deepening.
That's what Ermes is, and even more.

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